Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo

Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo


His father and mother coming from not one but two distinct backgrounds assisted Jean Claude Chalhoub (site internet - Jean claude chalhoub) in making use of their different languages and cultures, learning from their separate areas of understanding. By connecting with the many holidaymakers travelling to his birth country, he has come to understand myriad unique cultures. Even though Jean Claude Chalhoub did his economics bachelor's degree in France, he began and carried on his learning in Egypt before he relocated. He is capable of building good relationships and understanding clients because of his studies and familiarity with the languages that nearly all of his customers speak.

Joining the Family Business

His family business has set him up with the basis for his career-advancement, through which he acquired valuable assistance to excel in his professional life. Jean Claude Chalhoub witnessed the activity of the organisation and the management expertise of his father on a daily basis. Joining the company as an employee and climbing to the top has provided him with a tremendous insight into the requirements of each division. Jean Claude Chalhoub has managed to establish a deep understanding as well as technical expertise pertaining to the market, environment and the weaknesses and strengths of the organisation itself.

Jean Claude Chalhoub: His Childhood

With a Lebanese father and an Italian mother, Jean Claude Chalhoub sampled many aspects of very different cultures during his developmental years. The father of Chalhoub is the founder of a worldwide insurance and reinsurance business. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s place of birth and his family home had a profound influence on him while he was growing up.

Because of the head-start his childhood gave him, Jean Claude Chalhoub is well equipped to take care of all elements found in the corporate environment. In his present role, he directs a business that provides insurance and reinsurance which was founded by his father in the 1940's. Owing to his good foundational knowledge of business, he is equipped to supply to international markets efficiently and skillfully. Not wanting to rest on his laurels, Jean Claude Chalhoub expanded his business to serve customers throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

With business understanding and being extremely mindful of the outcomes of changes made, Jean Claude Chalhoub was moved into a managerial role by his father. Chalhoub had the correct starting platform as the business was already well-known and had developed in a little over four world regions. The company was further enhanced when Jean Claude Chalhoub ventured into untouched regions, such as France, Canada and Latin America.